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Sunday 2-Feb-2014

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The 2014 Acorn Regional Event is being held in Mulgrave Woods, which are just north-west of Whitby.

The Acorn is CLOK's premier Regional Event each year.  The Acorn events use our best areas, with top class maps and our most experienced planners.

The Acorn is the symbol of the Cleveland Way, which runs through – or close to – most of our best orienteering areas.

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Checks after the event revealed that the clock in one of the two Finish boxes was running about 6 seconds behind the clock in the Start box.  In order to give fair and accurate results, the finishing times of the competitors who punched at that Finish box have been adjusted by 6 seconds.  As well as affecting these competitors' overall times, this also increased their run-in times by 6 seconds.  The corrected results will be submitted to the BOF ranking system, but RouteGadget and Splitsbrowser are still using the original, uncorrected results.  If you have any questions about this then please contact the Organiser, Alastair Mackenzie.
  • You can view the progressograms at  Please note that this link goes to the beta test version of a new version of Splitsbrowser written in JavaScript.
  • You can use this link to see a list of the latest routes for this event.
  • Organiser's comments (not yet available)

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