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Punching at the wrong control

If you punch at the wrong control by mistake, don't worry.  Simply go to the right control and punch there.  Your run will be valid as long as you have visited all the controls on your course in the correct order.  It doesn't matter if you have also visited other controls.

At an event using electronic punching the software is clever enough to disregard extra punches.  It simply checks that you've visited all the right controls in the right order.

Note that this means that if you punch at control #6 before you've punched at control #5 you need to go and punch at control #5 and then go back and punch at control #6 again.  It's not enough to have punched at all the controls in your course in any order.  You have to have punched at control #6 after you punched at control #5.

At an event using conventional punching, punch the right control in one of the spare boxes on your control card.  Then, when you get to the finish, tell the finish official what you've done.

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