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This page contains information about what the CLOK Committee has been up to.

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The CLOK Committee meets on the second Thursday of the following months: January, February, March, May, June, July, September and November.  There's a Mapping Sub-Committee meeting in April.  The CLOK AGM is held in October.  There are no meetings in August or December.

To download a copy of an agenda or a set of minutes, right click on the relevant link below and select Save target as from the pop-up menu.

The documents are in PDF format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

CLOK Committee Meetings

27-Jun-2019   Minutes
25-Apr-2019   Minutes
11-Mar-2019   Minutes
12-Feb-2019   Minutes
8-Jan-2019   Minutes
22-Nov-2018   Minutes
11-Sep-2018   Minutes
19-Jun-2018   Minutes
8-May-2018   Minutes
17-Apr-2018   Minutes
13-Mar-2018   Minutes
9-Feb-2018   Minutes
11-Jan-2018   Minutes
9-Nov-2017   Minutes
14-Sep-2017   Minutes
8-Jun-2017   Minutes
11-May-2017   Minutes
9-Mar-2017   Minutes
9-Feb-2017   Minutes
12-Jan-2017   Minutes
10-Nov-2016   Minutes
8-Sep-2016   Minutes
14-Jul-2016   Minutes
9-Jun-2016   Minutes
12-May-2016   Minutes
10-Mar-2016   Minutes
11-Feb-2016   Minutes
14-Jan-2016   Minutes

CLOK Annual General Meetings

17-Oct-2019   Agenda
18-Oct-2018   Minutes
19-Oct-2017   Minutes
20-Oct-2016   Minutes
13-Oct-2015   Minutes
>> Chairman's report
>> Treasurer's report
>> Membership report
>> Mapping report
>> Development report
14-Oct-2014   Minutes
22-Oct-2013   Minutes
>> Chairman's report
30-Oct-2012   Minutes
17-Oct-2011   Minutes
18-Oct-2010   Minutes
19-Oct-2009   Minutes
9-Mar-2009   EGM minutes

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