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Comment by Peter Truran of Ex CLOK.
Submitted at 12:37 on Friday 4-Jun-2004.

Good Comments there,

 I too agree that there are too many courses.  I would much prefer to see less courses and more competition.  (I prefer running colour codeds than badge for this reason).  We are certainly not alone in this veiw and i know many who think the same.  Competition is poor locally for juniors and only at big races do things get good.
 Racing....Yeah the appeal of going round alone is not the same as a running race.  Orienteering is a good race if you have 2 minute start gaps and there are enough competitors to fill the spaces.  Unfortunalty this only happens at big events.
 Cool clothes....Yeah problem - needs work.
Comment by Martin Pearson of C.L.O.K..
Submitted at 13:02 on Wednesday 19-May-2004.

SUBJECT:   Junior involvement
As a parent of 2 girls who are club members, but only occasional participants, the problem is 2 fold. First is the fact that they are basically runners, and often have other events to attend. ( next junior training day is the same day as the Cleveland schools athletics championships) and the other, according to my youngest, is that orienteering lacks the 'buzz' of a race - the immediacy of a result, and too many courses, often meaning small fields and 'too many winners'. I think she'd prefer age group races like in running. Then there's the uncool cothes....!
Comment by Mike Rickard of .
Submitted at 12:07 on Tuesday 11-May-2004.

SUBJECT:   Orienteering for Juniors
Thanks to Peter Truran for taking the trouble to tell us what made him a keenie.  It is clear that membership of the squad confers street (or should it be "route")cred....

We discussed your contribution in Committee last night, and no doubt it will feature tmorrow at a Junior Section meeting.

Hope to see you around sometime... and again, many thanks.  
Comment by Paul T of CLOK.
Submitted at 22:28 on Monday 19-Apr-2004.

SUBJECT:   In Perspective ??
Lets not forget we have some things going for us.

SCHOOLS:  From what  I can see  Teesside still has a very active schools programme,  especially over the next couple of months.  And besides that we still have a number of keen home grown juniors.

KNOW-HOW:  Being still quite new to orienteering, I'm still amazed by  the array of policies/courses/squads/programmes/badges/accreditations which BOF has.  Even Guisborough Library has two (good) books on coaching orienteering.  Perhaps its all a bit top heavy, but at least no-one wanting to improve can say "we can't find out what to do".  

NEJS:  In a moment of inspiration and/or weakness at the JK, my wife volunteered to take on the organisation of the North East Junior Squad and on that basis Karen has agreed to continue as coach.  Quite how this will function is still being worked out, but it will happen and hopefully will start with some sort of prescence at the Junior Inter Regional Event in June.  So there is still a route into NEJS to which able folks will be able to aspire, and there are a few elite runners based in the North East who may inspire people once in the squad.  

I did have the pleasure of taking our Juniors down to the Yvette Baker event last year.  Talking to a few people there, my impression is that the other junior squads  were  bigger but not much bigger, and had been established longer but not much longer.  

Mike,  I hope we can get a meeting together soon to discuss this, and questions like:

What does CLOK need to do to bridge the gap between the schools and NEJS?
How do we make the most of the huge participation in the schools events in May/June??
What is a reasonable target for the numbers of juniors involved, when compared with other clubs ?
How much help do we need to get some of this going ?

Like Peter  I know neither the ins and outs nor the history, so apologies if this is naive or misses something obvious.

Other views ??
Comment by Peter Truran of Ex CLOK.
Submitted at 18:00 on Wednesday 7-Apr-2004.

SUBJECT:   Juniors
 Right i don't know all the ins and out of what's been going on whilst i've been in leicester the past 4 years but i'll write a bit anyway.

 First i don't have an orienteering family but loved orienteering an was able to go to many places thanks to lifts from CLOK members and the junior squad (BIG thanks John Crosby).

 I think that for most juniors the orienteering alone isn't enough, we need to offer them more.  The best part of the junior squad was travellng around the country, going on tours (sweden, lakes, wales) and the social bits.

 You may think that keeping non squad people interested hasn't got anything to do with the squad but it has.  In my school i had alan + rachael elder and jamie smith who were in the squad.  When i first started i saw that they went away with the squad and had a fantastic time.  I wanted that!  So i went to events and tried hard and sure enough was "selected" for the squad.  I was so chuffed to be in the squad.  Getting into the squad was my main drive that forced my parents to take me to events etc.  This was why i stayed.  We in conyers had an active group and if they had stayed a bit longer and came to the squad they might have been doing it at least until they went to university.

What i'm trying to say is that you need a good schools background with a quality squad program for the schoolies to look towards.  Most schoolies will stop at say 14 but the ones who want to keep going will to be in the squad etc.  Once you're in the squad... Laganlia... Start program and who knows...

CLOK has shown in the past that they are caperble of having a really good (some might say best) schools program.  But the NE has THE WORST junior squad in the country.  No show at last years inter regionals form the results. (correct me if wrong)

So i think it is time that CLOK, NATO, NN or all three got together a squad that may be small now but it time it will grow.  Go to all the big events as a squad, arrange a tour over easter to the lakes, arrange some local training weekends, arrange a scandi tour whatever but do this and you will have somewhere for those young wippersnappers to go.

As i say i do not know all the ins and outs so i apologise if there are any problems with this.
Comment by Alastair of CLOK.
Submitted at 12:00 on Wedmesday 7-Apr-2004.

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