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Here are some photos of the Noname Training jackets and the Oland Sport Softshell jackets.  Click on any photo to see a larger version.

As you can see, the Noname and Oland Sport jackets aren't identical, but they're clearly both interpretations of the same design.

There is, unfortunately, a problem with the Oland Sport jackets.  Something has happened to the silhouette of Roseberry Topping on the back of the jacket, and it's ended up looking nothing like Roseberry Topping.  We're pursuing this with Oland Sport.

Noname jacket – Front

Noname Training Jacket – Front

Oland jacket – Front

Oland Sport Softshell Jacket – Front

Noname jacket – Back

Noname Training Jacket – Back

Oland jacket – Back

Oland Sport Softshell Jacket – Back

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