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In total, CLOK members placed orders for 48 of the new club jackets.  The CLOK Committee decided to buy another 22 jackets, making an overall total of 70 jackets.  28 will be Noname Training Jackets and the other 42 will be Oland Sport Softshell jackets.

As of Friday 21‑Feb‑2020:-

Other points:-

As a reminder, the subsidised prices are:-

Jacket   Juniors     Seniors  
Noname Training Jacket £18 £33
Oland Sport Softshell Jacket     £12 £27

and the unsubsidised prices are:-

Jacket   Price  
Noname Training Jacket £53
Oland Sport Softshell Jacket     £47

The Design

A huge "thank you" to Livi Wright for coming up with the design, which is illustrated below.

1.   The silhouette landscape around the bottom part of the jacket incorporates the Infinity Bridge (Stockton), Guisborough Priory, Roseberry Topping, Danby Beacon, Whitby Abbey and the transporter bridge (Middlesbrough).
2. There will be some minor modifications to the design to match the colours with CLOK's existing O-tops and to get the Noname and Oland Sport jackets to look as similar as possible.

Noname Training Jacket.
Noname Training Jacket

Oland Sport Softshell Jacket.
Oland Sport Softshell Jacket


If you have any questions please contact Caroline Mackenzie via 07973-870529.

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