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In connection with CLOK's order for club jackets and O-tops, Oland Sport is offering CLOK members the opportunity to buy accessories and socks at discounted prices and with free delivery.

The accessories and socks included in the offer – and the prices including VAT and delivery – are listed below.  You can find more information about them in the accessories and socks sections of the Oland Sport web site.  Note: Both links initially take you to the main page of the Oland online shop, but if you wait a couple of seconds it will jump to the relevant section.

If you would like to buy any of these accessories and/or socks, please download the special order form, fill it in and email it to Alastair Mackenzie by 5 p.m. on Wednesday 18th March 2020.

Alastair will collate all the orders and submit a combined order to Oland Sport.  Please note that you will actually be charged in £ at the exchange rate in force when Alastair makes the combined order payment to Oland Sport.

Backpack – Control flag design €5.76
Backpack – Kolu red design €5.76
Backpack – Oland blue design €5.76
Orienteering control flag – 6x6 cm €3.00
Control decription holder – Long €5.76
Gaiters   €17.04
Headband – CLOK design   (See below.)    €2.76
Headband – Other design €2.76
Multi-functional headwear – Any design €3.60
Performance orienteering socks €8.04
Orienteering socks – Black, red or blue     €7.20
Crew socks – Grey, green, red or blue €3.00

Thanks to Livi Wright for producing the design for the CLOK headband.  Here it is:-

CLOK headband design

Follow this link to see the gaiters size chart.

The socks are available in the following sizes:-


If you have any questions please contact Alastair Mackenzie via 07966-312980.

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