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These results have now been archived.  For more information contact the CLOK webmaster.

Results from 2007

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Date Type Location CLOK? Results?
16-Dec-2007 District event Goathland Moor CLOK Yes
15-Dec-2007 Sprint event Cowpen Bewley CLOK Yes
11-Nov-2007 District event Eston Moor CLOK Yes
10-Nov-2007 Sprint event Albert Park, Middlesbrough CLOK Yes
14-Oct-2007 District Event Catterick CLOK Yes
13-Oct-2007 NE Night Championships Catterick CLOK Yes
13-Oct-2007 Sprint event Wynyard Woodland Park CLOK Yes
29-Sep-2007 Sprint event Lord Stones CLOK Yes
2-Sep-2007 District event Flatts Lane CLOK Yes
1-Aug-2007 Summer Series evening event Hutton Lowcross CLOK Yes
18-Jul-2007 Summer Series evening event Coatham Wood CLOK Yes
15-Jul-2007 O-Cross Cod Beck CLOK Yes
27-Jun-2007 Summer Series evening event Bank Foot CLOK Yes
20-May-2007 District event Wilton & Lazenby CLOK Yes
25-Apr-2007 Army event Guisborough Woods CLOK Yes
15-Apr-2007 British Middle Distance Championships
Seaside Scramble weekend
Mulgrave Woods CLOK Yes
17-Mar-2007 Chasing sprint Stewart Park and Ormesby Hall CLOK Yes
4-Mar-2007 District event Silton Forest CLOK Yes
3-Mar-2007 Northern Night Championships Silton Forest CLOK Yes
4-Feb-2007 District event Errington Woods CLOK Yes
7-Jan-2007 CLOK New Year Relays Raven Gill Scout Camp CLOK Yes

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