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214 runners from 7 schools competed, mostly on the easier courses, at Hardwick Park.  Hurworth and Macmillan academies plan to upgrade their runners to the Orange course at Cowpen Bewley on May 21st, providing competition for Yarm School, who recently have been running alone on the harder courses.  Some comments below:-

One school had many disqualifications caused by running in groups rather than in pairs, with the leader missing a control out and thereby disqualifying the whole group – for example at the end of the lake the next but one control was visible, causing runners to go this rather than stop at the control before it.  Lesson – don't run in groups, check the control numbers!!

Year 10/11s on the Yellow course sometimes saw the Finish banner and ran straight to it, ignoring the final control 30 metres earlier.  No comment!

Hardwick Park is well populated by people walking dogs, and by ducks and other waterfowl.  It is important for orienteers to take into account other park users and wild life, and it would be appreciated if leaders could emphasise this for future competitions.

Thanks again to your planner and kite planter, Phill Batts, and to the loyal team of CLOK helpers on the day – Joe Trigg and Maureen Webb on the start, Joan Selby and Barry Harrison patrolling, with Eileen Bedwell, Lorraine Porter and Peter Archer on the finish.

The Hardwick Park team and Durham County Council were our hosts, and our thanks go to them.  We look forward to seeing you at competition number six – at Cowpen Bewley Billingham, on Wednesday, May 21st.

Mike Hardy
Orienteering Development Officer
Cleveland Orienteering Klub
Telephone:   01287-624521