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Cleveland Orienteering Klub (CLOK) is keen to encourage the sport of orienteering in schools in the Tees Valley, North Yorkshire and South Durham.

Your school can be mapped, or re-mapped, providing 20 laminated copies in six colours to full orienteering standard, with recommended courses and exercises specific to the school, together with a significant resource pack and either a two-hour in-school introductory training session for up to 30 pupils (primary schools) or an after-school staff training session (secondary schools).

We also provide a one-day course – Teaching Orienteering Part 1 – for those with little or no knowledge of our sport who wish to teach it in schools or community groups.  Participants, in addition to a more substantial resource pack, will also receive a Letter of Attendance from the National Governing Body.

Further in-school or out-of-school training session can be delivered, and welcome and assistance can be arranged at one of the many evening or weekend competitions organised by CLOK.

For details and to make arrangements, please contact Mike Hardy via 01287-624521.

British Schools Orienteering Association (BSOA)

More information about schools orienteering in Britain – including discounts on orienteering equipment for schools and information about the British Schools Orienteering Championships and the British Schools Score Championships – is available from the BSOA web site.

The BSOA is offering the benefits of its membership free to schools.  These benefits include discounted equipment, regular newsletters, support for teachers and lots more.  Check it out on the BSOA web site, and ignore the fee request on the membership application form.

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