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After many years of obtaining many of our event access permissions – and booking our event toilets – Mike Hardy has indicated that he wishes to step down from this role.  We are therefore looking for a club member willing to take up the mantle of Access Officer.

Mike is willing to help and advise any new volunteer who is interested in taking on the role, and will share all current contact information, as well as information and copies of previous emails, to ensure the transition is smooth and as easy as possible.

The role involves contacting a range of people and organisations (including land owners such as the Forestry Commission, the NHS and local councils) to ensure that we have relevant access permissions for our events during the year.  The Access Officer is supported by some other volunteers (including Paul Taylor, Joan Selby and Peter Archer) who obtain permissions for various privately-owned areas.

Ideally we'd like someone who:

You don't have to be part of the committee, or to compete frequently, in order to act as Access Officer.  This role can also be combined with other volunteer roles.

If you are interested or just want to know more please do contact Caroline Mackenzie or Mike Hardy to find out more.  This is obviously a vital role in order for our club, so we do hope that someone can help us out.  And many thanks to Mike for his hard work over the years!

We're also looking for someone to take over the task of booking toilets for CLOK events.  Again, if you might be prepared to volunteer for this role then please contact either Caroline or Mike.

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