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O-Cross event on
Eston Moor

Sunday 2-Apr-2017

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An O-Cross event on Eston Moor, which is to the south of Middlesbrough (just south of the A174 Parkway).

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Notes / corrections:

  • CLOK's next event is on Sunday 14-May-2017 in
    Sneaton Forest, not at Roseberry Topping as
    stated on today's map.
  • A problem with the timing system resulted in 5 minutes
    being added to the time that each Short course competitor
    took to get to his or her first control.
    The overall results have been corrected, but the extra
    5 minutes are still in the split times and the RouteGadget
    animations (which show Short course competitors going
    very slowly to their first controls).
  • Organiser's comments (not yet available)

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