CLOK logo Cleveland Orienteering Klub
invites you to a Regional North East Urban League Event (NEUL) in
Stockton – University Campus and Riverside
on Sunday 10th September 2017
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Registration will be in the Queens Campus Sports Centre (TS17 6BH : Gr NZ455188) with car parking available just outside the centre.

Click on the link to see a map.  You can zoom in (and, optionally, switch to Satellite mode) to see the details of the final approach to the event.  You can also get directions by putting in your starting location.

The easiest approach is from the Teesside Park junction on the A66 (one junction west of the A19 intersection).  Proceed north from that junction, cross over the railways, turn left at the first roundabout (from where the event will be O-signed) and take the second exit from the second roundabout.

Terrain: The two parts of the competition area offer urban style orienteering, with the running on grass or pavement.  Shorts are allowed on some courses.  Expect interesting route choices and the need for fast decision-making.  The area around Tees Barrage is particularly "novel" for orienteering.
Course Map size Men's Classes Women's Classes
AA3Open (M18 - M35) 
BA3Vet (M40+)Open (W18 - W35)
CA3Super Vet (M55+)Vet (W40+)
DA3Ultra Vet (M65+)Super Vet (W55+)
EA3Hyper Vet (M75+)Ultra Vet (W65+)
FA3 Hyper Vet (W75+)
GA3Junior (M16-)Junior (W16-)
HA4Young Junior (M12-)Young Junior (W12-)

The rules for scoring in the NE Urban League are given in the Rules for NEOA Leagues.

Competitors who have not reached their 16th birthday by the day of the event may only run course G or H.

Map: Scale: 1:4,000   The maps will be printed on waterproof paper.
Punching system:

SPORTident electronic punching will be used.


10 a.m. - 12 noon in Queens Campus Sports Hall.

If you are bringing a group of competitors please let the Organiser know (by e-mail) so that we can print the right number of extra maps.

Starts: 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.     Courses close at 2:00 p.m.

Seniors:  £7.00 (£2.00 surcharge for non-members of British Orienteering).

Juniors / Students / Benefit recipients:  £2.00

SI cards will be available for hire at £1 each with a charge of £40 for a lost card.

Facilities: Toilets in Sports Hall building near Registration.   First Aid at Registration.   Please bring your own drinks.
Dogs: Well behaved dogs are welcome in the parking area and can be walked in the area, but no dogs on the courses please.
Organiser:  Joan Selby (CLOK)  :  Phone 01642 782475
Planner:  Ann Cranke (CLOK)
Controller:  Peter Archer (CLOK)

Please make sure that you download even if you do not complete your course.

CLOK strongly recommends that you carry a whistle whilst participating in this (and every) orienteering event.

Lone Drivers: Please leave your labelled car keys at Registration as a safety check.

Please remember that competitors take part at their own risk.  Orienteering is an adventure sport – your safety while orienteering is your own responsibility.

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