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CLOK New Year Team Score Event in
Cowpen Bewley Country Park

Sunday 6-Jan-2019

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The traditional CLOK New Year Team Score event, which this year will be in Cowpen Bewley Country Park, north of Billingham.

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Apologies.  Due to a bit of a problem with the system for calculating time penalties, during the prizegiving after the event the wrong team was given one of the prizes.   Oops!

Specifically, we missed a penalty for a member of the Crackers Recycled team and gave a spurious penalty to a member of the NATO Stars team.  Correcting those errors promotes NATO Stars to second place and drops Crackers Recycled to fourth place.

The Organiser is going to get additional prizes for the NATO Stars and these will be passed on to them at the first available opportunity.

Also, please note that the penalties had to be calculated manually, and this has allowed an element of human judgement and compassion to creep in.  So, although the computer would have strictly applied the rule "15 penalty points per minute or part of a minute", everyone has been allowed 10 seconds grace.  So, for example, if you were two seconds late you escaped without a penalty and if you were two minutes and nine seconds late you lost 30 points rather than 45 points.  It is, after all, the season of goodwill to all slightly late orienteers!  (Note: Strict application of the official penalties rule wouldn't have changed any of the positions in the team results.)

Lost property

A compass was left in the Registration area.   If it's yours, please contact Marion Archer.

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