CompassSport Cup Heat at
Sherwood Pines

Sunday 17-Mar-2019


CLOK will be competing in the CompassSport Cup Heat at Sherwood Pines, north of Nottingham, on Sunday 17‑Mar‑2019.

The is going to be a really competitive heat.  There are seven large clubs in the Cup competition and six smaller clubs in the Trophy competition, so there will probably be more than 500 runners on flat and fast terrain.

SYO and DVO will be favourites in the large club section.  However, given the size of the heat at least the top two will go through to the 2019 final.  Moreover, as SYO won the 2018 CompassSport Cup, if they come first or second then the third placed club also goes through to the final.  If we get good numbers there – including our best runners – then I think we have a fair chance against the rest, who are Leicester, EBOR, Deeside and Norfolk.  Most of these clubs are closer to the event, and I suspect that their runners may have more experience of orienteering at Sherwood Pines, which will give them an element of 'local knowledge' advantage, but I do believe tha on our day we can compete well.  We just need the numbers, with our best orienteers scoring points and the rest of us helping to push other clubs' runners down the results list.  We need 25 scorers.

CLOK members:   Please come along and support your club, and please use this on-line entry system to put in your entry.  CLOK will pay your entry fee.

Please note that the online entry system for CLOK members will close at midnight on Thursday 28‑Feb‑2019.

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If you need any additional information, please contact Alan Cranke.

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