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Eston Moor & Lazenby Bank

Organisers' Comments

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Organisers' comments

Many thanks to you all for making today's event a success.  That's all the competitors, the CLOK helpers and, of course, Chris Mackenzie (the Planner) and Rob McKenna (the Controller).

We had a really great turnout with an excellent number of pre-entries (136), with entries on the day taking the total up to 152.

Though it was a tad misty this morning, I'm sure that just made Eston Moor more interesting on Chris's challenging courses.  I hope those on the longer courses enjoyed their loop around Lazenby Bank.  It does add some nice variety to the courses.

A note from Peter Firth:-
"Very many thanks to the contributors to and customers of our cake stall at Eston, which benefitted the Junior Squad by about £70."

Caroline & Alastair Mackenzie