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Controllers comments – Rob McKenna (NN)

Well done to CLOK for putting on a good event that provided a good challenge to those that took part.  Most people seemed to enjoy their runs, although there were a few grumbles about some un-mapped vegetation.  However, I don't think that this would have significantly affected anybody's route choice.  The gorse is a particular problem and it's hard to get it all mapped consistently and correctly.

On paper, I thought that Chris had done quite well with his courses and choice of control sites, but looking over the results it appears that some competitors did have a few problems with certain controls or legs.

The longer courses seemed to be just about right, although the Green course could maybe have been about 500m less.  Unfortunately, the route into Lazenby Woods made for a tough climb to get back on to Eston Moor.

Competitors on the Short Green and Very Short Green courses may have found a few of the legs on the moorland a little bit too physical, with not many path run alternatives.  This was also true for the Light Green, with two consecutive legs on the moor that were also tough.

The Orange course also appeared to have a few issues.  Firstly, the indistinct path network to number one, followed by a tough climb to number 2 (not something I noticed when checking the courses – sorry) then for some reason a slight problem with number 9.  I'm not sure whether it was the clearing before the control or just the spur itself.

The Yellow course had a similar problem with their number 7, which may have been due to the same clearing before the control, which had a number of paths coming into it.

I think that recent fires on the Eston slopes did make the paths, in places, a little harder for the juniors to follow.  This was something I didn't see until checking the controls on the morning of the event.  The fires did, however, make crossing those areas a lot easier for the more technical courses.

Rob McKenna