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Eston Moor & Lazenby Bank

7th April 2019

Start times

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This updated version of the start list includes all pre-entries.  It will be possible to enter on the day subject to the availability of maps.

If spot any errors, or if you would like any changes to start times, please contact Alastair Mackenzie.

There will be a punching start.  If you turn up at your allocated start time you will be able to start at that time.  If you turn up at another time – either earlier or later – the Start officials will arrange for you to start when there is a vacant slot on your course, but you may need to wait for some time.

    Name            Age class   Club       time

Brown course
Alice Rigby            W21      CLOK      10:30
Alastair Mackenzie     M60      CLOK      10:34
Richard Rigby          M50      CLOK      10:36
Thomas Aspin           M18      CLOK      10:42
Andrew Henderson       M55      WAOC      10:46
James Meredith         M40      EBOR      11:18
Andrew McRoyall        M50      Ind       11:22
Kevin Francis          M35      EBOR      11:26
Joseph Goodwin         M20      WCOC      11:30
Vicky Bailey           W21      EBOR      11:34
Dougie Nisbet          M55      NN        11:38
Andy Thorpe            M50      EPOC      11:50
David Williams         M55      AIRE      11:54
George Hare            M55      NATO      11:58
Francis Shillitoe      M45      NATO      12:06
Keith Tonkin           M60      BL        12:10

Blue course
Carolyn Rigby          W50      CLOK      10:35
Rebecca Aspin          W20      CLOK      10:39
Timothy Evans          M55      CLARO     10:43
Chris Petre            M55      CLOK      10:47
Paul Goldsmith         M45      NATO      10:49
Camilla Darwin         W50      WAOC      10:51
Paul Chapman           M60      CLOK      10:55
Charles Mayes          M50      CLOK      10:59
Simon Brook            M60      EBOR      11:03
Stephen Powell         M50      CLOK      11:07
David Riches           M55      CLOK      11:11
David Harrison         M45      EPOC      11:15
Michael Burt           M60      Red Roos  11:19
Emma Harrison          W45      EPOC      11:23
Mike Hind              M65      CLARO     11:25
Alexander Mathers      M45      CLOK      11:27
Jonty Goodwin          M16      WCOC      11:29
Megan Harrison         W20      EPOC      11:31
Julian Warren          M55      NN        11:33
Dominic Green          M16      CLOK      11:35
Keith MacDermott       M70      EBOR      11:37
Laura Harrison         W18      EPOC      11:39
Jeff Harris            M60      EBOR      11:41
Ian Couch              M70      EPOC      11:43
Patrick McGrath        M21      DFO       11:47
Ryan Noordally         M35      BAOC      11:51
Alexandra Hare         W18      NATO      11:55
Paul Wood              M55      AIRE      11:59
Matthew Lunn           M40      CLOK      12:03
Julian Lailey          M70      SROC      12:07
Quentin Harding        M55      CLARO     12:11
Ruth Ker               W50      CLARO     12:19
Martyn Dean            M60      CLOK      12:27

Green course
William Lee            M21      CLOK      10:30
Joanne Field           W45      NATO      10:48
Peter Avis             M55      AIRE      10:52
Osmond Gardner         M60      CLOK      10:56
Paul Simmons           M65      HALO      11:00
Steve Willis           M65      EBOR      11:04
Patricia Davies        W60      NATO      11:08
Rod Shaw               M80      EPOC      11:12
Mike Ridealgh          M70      EBOR      11:16
Ricardo Fernandes      M45      WCH       11:20
Bill Melville          M75      TAY       11:22
Simon Schmuck          M60      CLOK      11:24
Robin Thomas           M65      BL        11:26
Allen Barnes           M75      CLARO     11:28
Deborah Goodwin        W55      WCOC      11:30
Jill Smith             W65      EBOR      11:32
Debby Warren           W55      NN        11:34
Richard Clark          M70      EBOR      11:36
Maria MacKenzie        W40      EBOR      11:38
Julie Couch            W60      EPOC      11:40
Tony Thornley          M70      AIRE      11:42
Karen Clark            W60      EBOR      11:44
Paul Jackson           M75      EPOC      11:46
Graham Todd            M65      EBOR      11:48
Colin Drury            M70      SYO       11:50
Chris Burden           M70      AIRE      11:52
Shirley Wood           W60      AIRE      11:54
Ray Barnes             M65      NOC       11:56
Anna Thorpe            W16      EPOC      11:58
Mary Rack              W60      NATO      12:00
Richard Cummings       M60      WCOC      12:02
Tony Davies            M70      BOF       12:04
Kim Sanderson          W40      NATO      12:06
Jill Libby             W60      CLOK      12:08
Christine Kiddier      W65      BL        12:10
Ann Cummings           W60      WCOC      12:12
Steve Whitehead        M65      EBOR      12:14
Caroline Mackenzie     W55      CLOK      12:16
Joe Trigg              M65      CLOK      12:20
Graham Scott           M70      NATO      12:22
Barry Harrison         M80      CLOK      12:24

Short Green course
Anne Schmuck           W55      CLOK      11:13
Margaret Shaw          W65      EPOC      11:17
Christine Roberts      W70      EBOR      11:21
Helen Gardner          W65      EBOR      11:25
Mike Fairburn          M80      PFO       11:27
Sheila Smith           W70      EBOR      11:29
Malcolm McIvor         M80      DEE       11:33
Tom Crowther           M80      AIRE      11:35
Jackie Barnes          W70      CLARO     11:37
Bill Griffiths         M65      EBOR      11:41
Janet Todd             W65      EBOR      11:45
Mary Carrick           W70      HALO      11:49
Michael Wood           M75      EPOC      11:53
Benedict Sanderson     M14      NATO      12:03
Mike Hardy             M80      CLOK      12:11
Peter Archer           M70      CLOK      12:19

Very Short Green course
Gill Hardy             W80      CLOK      10:30
Clarissa Napier        W80      CLOK      11:16
Eileen Bedwell         W85      CLOK      11:40
Joan Selby             W75      CLOK      12:16

Light Green course
Melanie Avis           W50      AIRE      10:51
Sam Rhodes-Dawber      M16      CLOK      10:55
Joshua Stoker          M16      Ind       10:59
Chris Stoker           M40      Ind       11:03
Niamh Tucker-Mcauley   W16      CLOK      11:07
Tamsin Gent            W16      CLOK      11:31
Liam Green             M14      CLOK      11:39
Tamsin Ker             W16      CLARO     12:15
Celia Dean             W60      CLOK      12:27

Red course
John O'Boyle           M45      Ind       10:32
Kath Aspin             W50      CLOK      10:36
Tracey Lyon            W40      CLOK      11:14
Matt Walker            M21      Ind       11:30

Orange course
Hebe Darwin            W12      WAOC      10:45
Rebecca Mayes          W12      CLOK      10:57
Patricia Simmons       W65      HALO      11:01
Roberta Marshall       W60      NN        11:37
Oscar Sanderson        M12      NATO      12:05

Yellow course
Alexandra Hanson       W10      Ind       10:44
Alex Darwin            M10      WAOC      10:48
Thomas Hanson          M40      Ind       10:52
Zoe Hanson             W10      Ind       10:56
Elizabeth Hanson       W40      Ind       11:04
Kathleen Bloom         W75      Ind       11:34

White course
Euan Hunter            M10      Ind       11:26
Carys Hunter           W10      Ind       11:30