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invites you to a Race the Castles Middle Distance event at
Standing Stones Rigg
on Friday 23rd August 2019
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Standing Stones Rigg is to the east of the A171 about 8 kilometres south of Whitby.  Parking is at grid reference NZ 920033.  There isn't really a good postcode for Standing Stones Rigg, but YO22 4QN is a short distance to the north and YO22 4QL is a short distance to the south.

Click on the link to see a map.  You can zoom in (and, optionally, switch to Satellite mode) to see the details of the final approach to the event.  You can also get directions if you put in your starting location.

250m south of the junction between the A171 and the B1416 (Sneaton Corner), turn eastwards on to a farm track.  Please drive slowly on this track, as runners will be crossing it.

Parking will be in a farmer's field and there will be a parking charge of £1.00 per car.

Thank you to everyone who used the online notification system to let us know that you might be coming to the event.  It's clear from the level of interest that we need to use a farmer's field for parking.  The small patch of sheep-nibbled moor would not have been big enough.

Please take care turning on to the busy A171 as you leave the event after your run.


Standing Stones Rigg is a new area to orienteering, offering views towards Robin Hoods Bay and Ravenscar.

The area consists of open moorland with mixed runnability, including grass, bilberry and well-managed patchy heather.  There is some nuisance bracken and some marshes (which are largely avoided on the courses).  Archaeological features abound, including bronze age burial mounds, standing stones and hollow-ways.
Note from the webmaster.  In case you're wondering, a "hollow-way" is a sunken lane.

There are several uncrossable cliffs in the area.  These are clearly shown on the course maps and can easily be avoided.

There are no clothing restrictions, so you can wear what you like – including shorts – but please be aware of ticks and scratchy heather in places.  Also, please note that this is an exposed area.  Wear kit appropriate to the weather conditions and temperature.

All courses cross at least one farm track.  There are very few vehicle movements on these tracks, but please be vigilant.

Please remember that sheep droppings can transmit E.Coli and tick bites can transmit Lyme disease, and please be aware of adder bite symptoms.


You may run any course, but if you want your run to count in the Race the Castles series you should enter the appropriate course for your age class:-

CourseAge classesCourse
AOpen Men6.2 km140m  TD4/5  
BVeteran Men (M40+),Open Women5.0 km110m  TD4/5  
CSuper Veteran Men (M55+), Veteran Women (W40+)4.2 km110m  TD4/5  
DUltra Veteran Men (M65+), Junior Men (M16-), Super Veteran Women (W55+) 3.5 km85m  TD4/5  
EHyper Veteran Men (M75+), Ultra Veteran Women (W65+)
Hyper Veteran Women (W75+), Junior Women (W16-)
1.9 km55m  TD4/5  
GYoung Junior Men (M12-), Young Junior Women (W12-)1.7 km40m  TD2/3  

The courses have been planned to give winning times of under 35 minutes.

The course lengths and climbs are subject to final controlling.

As there are very few paths on the moor, it has not been possible to provide a TD1 (White standard) course.


1:7,500 scale.     A4 size     The courses will be overprinted on the maps, which will be printed on waterproof paper.

The control descriptions will be printed on the maps, and separate loose copies will be available at Registration.

Punching system:

SPORTident electronic punching will be used.

SI-cards will be available for hire on the day at a cost of £1 each.  Please look after your hired SI card as there will be a £20 charge if you lose it.

The control boxes will be activated to enable SIAC cards to operate in touch-free mode ..... but please note that you will need to punch the old-fashioned way at the Start and Finish.

Entries: There will be no pre-entries for this event.  Enter on the day.
Registration: 2:30 p.m. - 5 p.m.

3 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.         Courses close at 7 p.m.

Seniors£7.00   (£2 surcharge for non-members of British Orienteering)
Juniors / Students:    £2.00 

Please help us by bringing the correct change.



No drinks will be provided at the Finish.  Please bring your own.  (Emergency water will be available for use in cases of hyperthermia.)

Dogs: Sorry.  Dogs are not allowed at this event as it is being held in sheep country.  You may leave your dog in your car ..... but, please, with a supply of water and with a window partly open to provide ventilation.  Dogs die in hot cars.

Paul Taylor (CLOK)     01947-604864 or 07779-065377

Wendy Taylor (CLOK)

Alan Cranke (CLOK)


Remember that you must download even if you have not completed your course.

CLOK strongly recommends that you carry a whistle whilst participating in this (and every) orienteering event.

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the Organisers, but please remember that competitors take part at their own risk.  Orienteering is an adventure sport – your safety while orienteering is your own responsibility.

If you have a relevant medical condition please let the Organiser know.

Insurance: Please note that if you have competed in three orienteering events registered with British Orienteering and you have not joined an orienteering club which is a member of British Orienteering then you are not covered by our public liability insurance.

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