CompassSport Cup Heat at
Fixby & Bradley Woods

Sunday 15-Mar-2020


CLOK will be competing in the CompassSport Cup Heat at Fixby & Bradley Woods, near Huddersfield, on Sunday 15‑Mar‑2020.

This is going to be a really competitive heat.  There are six large clubs in the Cup competition and eight smaller clubs in the Trophy competition, so there will probably be more than 500 runners in the mixed wooded and urban terrain.

SYO and DVO will be favourites in the Cup competition.  However, due to the number of clubs in this heat, at least the top two will go through to the 2020 CompassSport Cup Final.  Moreover, because SYO finished in the top three places in the 2019 CompassSport Cup Final, if they come first or second then the third placed club will also go through to the final.  If we get good numbers there – including our best runners   then I think we have a fair chance against the rest, who are AIRE, EBOR and Deeside.  So we just need to get good numbers there, with our best orienteers scoring points and the rest of us helping to push other clubs' runners down the results list.  We need 25 scorers.

The competition area consists of four pieces of woodland, combined with small areas of urban terrain.  Although there will be brambles in some parts of the area, most of the courses are being planned to miss the worst of them.  Paul Taylor, who mapped the area, says the woods improve as you go west.  Anyway, whatever the condition of the wood, it's the same for everyone.

The bottom line is that with our best runners there we'll have a chance.  Last year – up against similarly strong competition – we missed out by one better score.

The large number of competitors coming to this event means that parking is going to difficult, and we've been asked to share transport if at all possible.

The online entry system for CLOK members is now closed.

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