CLOK logo Cleveland Orienteering Klub
invites you to participate in a Lamp-O Challenge in
Acklam West
during the week commencing 16-Nov-2020
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This is a lockdown training event.  It is classified as individual training, but enables you to have a (self-)timed run and to compare your result with other participants.

Please remember that:-

  • You must not take part in any form of orienteering if you should be self-isolating under the current Government guidance; e.g. if you or any member of your household have had recent Covid-19 symptoms.
  • You should minimise contact with people from outside your household before, during and after your run.  Practice social distancing at all times, particularly when you are passing members of the public during your run.

The Start and Finish are at the red post box at the north end of the row of shops adjacent to Trimdon Avenue in West Acklam.  The postcode is TS5 8SB and the What3words reference is ///label.scouts.talent.

Click on the link to see a map.  You can zoom in (and, optionally, switch to Satellite mode) to see the details of the final approach to the event.  You can also get directions if you specify your starting location.

Google Streetview image of the Start

You should be able to park in one of the spaces in front of the row of shops.

Terrain: Urban area with some parkland.

45 minute score.

Visit as many as controls as you can within the 45-miinute time limit.  Each control is worth 10 points.  If you exceed the time limit you will lose 5 points for each minute or part minute that you are late getting to the Finish.

Score events involve the extra challenges of (a) deciding the best sequence of controls to visit and (b) judging whether you have time to visit that one last control and still get back to the Finish in time to avoid losing points due to lateness.

Each control is at a lamp post.  Each lamp post is identified by three letters and one number.  The control card – which you need to download and print out – gives the first two letters for each control.  You need to write the last letter and number in the relevant box on the control card.  For example, if the lamp post number at control #4 is ABC2 then box 4 on the control card will be labelled AB and you need to write down C2 in that box.

The event is self-timed.  Remember to start your watch at the Start and stop it again when you finish.

Write your time in the relevant box on your control card and send an image of the card to Dennis Hooton.


You need to use the links below to download and print out your map.

There are two versions of the map – plain and urban.

The plain map is the default style for street-O maps created by the OpenOrienteering Map web site.  It is clear, shows the circles clearly and is cheaper to print.

The urban map looks more like an orienteering map but the urban shading makes it more difficult to see the circles and numbers and it will be more expensive to print, as it will use more ink.

Both maps show roads, footpaths and open areas (both rough and grass).


This challenge is open from Monday 16‑Nov‑2020 to Sunday 22‑Nov‑2020.  Please send the image of your control card to Dennis Hooton no later than 12 noon on Monday 23‑Nov‑2020.

However, the information – including the map and the control card – will remain on the web site for at least the next couple of months, and if you send an image of the control card to Dennis Hooton we'll add your result to the table on the web site.

Results: Results will be published on the CLOK web site.
Facilities: There are no public toilets in the vicinity.  Please make your own arrangements before travelling to Acklam to take the challenge.
Organiser / Planner: Dennis Hooton

Please see the Covid-19 section at the top of this flyer.

Please use a buddy system so that someone knows where you've gone and when you should return.

If you are running after dark or in gloomy conditions, please wear high visibility / reflective clothing; e.g. a high-viz vest, reflective armbands or something similar.

Please be courteous to members of the public in the competition area.

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