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Errington Woods

Organiser's Comments

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Organiser's comments

We were really lucky with today's event!  The woods were beautiful this morning, with loads of bluebells out, birds singing, and even the odd deer making an appearance.

Charles's courses were great fun ...... and the rain held off while we were out and about (or, rather, up and down!) on our runs.

Errington Woods provided a really nice venue for testing our navigation after months of lockdown.  Even one CLOK member who previously said he'd never again run in Errington Woods admitted that the vegetation was much less fierce than he remembered and the map was much better than it had been for his last run (about five years ago).

Thanks to all the volunteers who made it possible for this event to happen, with special thanks to Charles Mayes and the Taylor family for coping with the long day (and the rain showers that came along while they were bringing in the controls) and for coping so well with the change of location enforced by access issues with our original area.

I hope all 90 of you enjoyed yourselves, however well you did on your courses!

Caroline Mackenzie