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CLOK orienteering tops and sprint vests are available.  See below for details.

CLOK club jackets are also available.  Follow the link for details.

All CLOK kit can be purchased from Joan Selby (01642-782475).  She is at most CLOK events and can bring kit along if she knows in advance.

There are two main choices of O-tops – the Siven tops we got a few years ago and the Oland tops we got this year at the same time as the CLOK club jackets.  There are also some items of older styles of orienteering kit that are available free of charge to any CLOK member who can make use of them.

Oland O-tops

>>  Made by Oland Sport (
>> Thanks to Livia Wright for creating an outstanding design.  The "landscape of silhouettes" around the bottom of the O-tops incorporates the Infinity Bridge (Stockton), Guisborough Priory, Roseberry Topping, Danby Beacon, Whitby Abbey and the transporter bridge (Middlesbrough).
>> Two styles: Zip neck and V-neck
>> Women's sizes: S to XXXL
Men's sizes: S to XXXL
>> Price £15 adults, £10 juniors (M/W20-)
>> Note: On some of the O-tops the silhouette of Roseberry Topping is wrong.  If this matters to you, make sure you pick one of the replacement O-tops, which have the correct silhouette.
>> Click on an image to see a larger version.

CLOK orienteering top. 
Front view.

Oland O-top – front view.


Oland O-top. 
Back view.

Oland O-top – back view.

Livi Wright modelling an Oland O-top.

Livi Wright modelling an Oland O-top.

Siven O-tops

>>  Made by Siven Sport (
>> Sizes XS to XL, and some for young juniors (130cm 8-9yrs, 140cm 10-11yrs, 150cm 12-13yrs).
>> Price £15 adults, £10 juniors (M/W20-)
>> Click on an image to see a larger version.

Siven O-top. 
Front view.

Siven O-top – front view.


Siven O-top. 
Back view.

Siven O-top – back view.

CLOK sprint vests.

>>  Made by Kukri (
>> Sizes XXS to XL, and some for younger juniors (13-14yrs).
>> Price £25 adults, £21 juniors (M/W20-).
>> There is limited stock but we can order more if there is demand.
>> Click on an image to see a larger version.

Sprint vest. 
Front view.

Sprint vest – front view.


Sprint vest. Back view.

Sprint vest – back view.

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