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CLOK does not wish volunteers to be out of pocket as a result of their efforts on behalf of the club.  CLOK will therefore pay expenses that are reasonably incurred by volunteers in the course of their work.

Expenses Policy

CLOK will pay event Planners, Organisers and Controllers travel expenses for visits to the competition area during the planning of and preparation for the event.

Anyone volunteering to help at an event and not competing in that event can claim expenses for travel to/from the event.
Note: If volunteers do not wish to be reimbursed for their travel expenses, we still encourage them to make a claim and then donate the money to the Orienteering Foundation, using Gift Aid where appropriate.

Volunteer mappers / surveyors can claim expenses for travel to and from the areas that they are mapping / surveying.

Volunteers taking the role of Lead Coach for CLOK coaching sessions (e.g. junior coaching, Couch-to-Green, Track-to-Green and other adult coaching) can claim travel expenses.
Note: This does not apply to volunteers in supporting / helping roles at coaching sessions.

For volunteers travelling by car, the mileage rate is 25p/mile.

People wishing to claim expenses should email the CLOK Treasurer, Richard Rigby, giving details of their claim; e.g. journey dates and distances.  They should also provide their bank details to enable the Treasurer to make payments by bank transfer.

If the expense claim is associated with a particular event, the email to the Treasurer should be copied to the event Organiser so that he/she can include the expenses in the event accounts.

The Officials Finder will advertise this policy when seeking the main officials for each event.

The Organiser of each event will:-

CLOK reserves the right to change or amend this policy at any time.

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