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This event organisation toolkit contains information and resources likely to be of use to Organisers and Planners of CLOK events.

Please note that some of this information is in the form of conventional web pages, while other information is in other formats such as PDF documents, Microsoft Word documents, etc.  To download a document, right-click on the relevant link and then select Save target as from the pop-up menu.

Part 1 – For Organisers

Item Type Revision Description
Organiser's Handbook Word document v1.2 Information for event organisers, including what needs to be done when, where to find the CLOK club equipment, how to find volunteers, etc., etc.
Template risk assessment Word document v8 Template risk assessment for socially-distanced orienteering events.
Equipment list PDF document 2012 A list of equipment and where it is held.  Covers both Planners' and Organisers' equipment.

Part 2 – For Planners

Item Type Revision Description
Planner's Handbook PDF document v2.5 The Planner's Handbook.  If you have any comments, corrections or additions then please contact Duncan Archer.
CLOK map template PDF document 2021 The specification of the format for maps for CLOK events.
IOF Guidelines for planning in complex urban structures PDF document 2022 Guidelines for planning Sprint courses in complex urban structures.

Part 3 – For Computer Team Leaders

Item Type Revision Description
Computer Team Leader's Handbook PDF document
v1 Describes how to run an event with Autodownload.
This single document combines the previous handbook and appendices originally covering OE2003.

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