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There are a number of permanent orienteering courses (POCs) in various loations throughout Cleveland.  These are available for you to try at your leisure for little or no cost.  The table below lists all known POCs including details on how to obtain maps.

Please note that none of these permanent orienteering courses are owned or managed by Cleveland Orienteering Klub.  The list is provided for your information.  We've tried to make sure that the information in the list is correct but it's possible that there may be some errors.  (If you find any, please let us know!)

Click on this link for a list of the permanent orienteering courses in the CLOK area (PDF format).

Follow this link for more information about permanent orienteering courses and how to get started (including how to obtain maps).

POC contacts / adopters

CLOK members – and some 'friends of CLOK' – have kindly volunteered to adopt the Permanent Orienteering Courses that the club was involved in setting up (usually by providing technical advice to the relevant landowner / manager).  To find out who has adopted a particular POC, check the CLOK contact column in the list.

The plan is that the adopters will, at least three times a year:-

Although the CLOK lead on POCs acts as the main interface with the landowners, the adopters may also:-

For further information about these permanent orienteering courses, contact Caroline Mackenzie (phone: 07973-870529).

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