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Thornaby & Bassleton Woods

Organiser's Comments

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Organiser's comments

Many thanks to those who contributed to today's very pleasant and interesting orienteering event.  Especially to Alastair, Chris, Dennis, Phil, Roy, Carolyn and Joe.  Alastair's courses had an interesting mix of route choices to keep you on your toes, and I really appreciated having such an experienced team to run everything so competently for us ..... especially as I still feel a tad exhausted after my recent spell of Covid.

And what a great interesting new area to add to CLOK's array of maps.  Thanks to Dennis for creating our new map.  It's great to be able to use a variety of terrains, especially whilst birds are busy nesting on the ground in various moorland and wetland areas.

And, of course, thanks to everyone who came along and enjoyed the challenge!

Unfortunately, it's clear that a few competitors ran through one of the out-of-bounds areas that Alastair had specified in order to "tweak" the characteristics of the competiton area in order to enable him to pose more interesting route choices in the urban part of the area.  We're not suggesting that anyone was deliberately cheating, but the people who ran through the out-of-bounds area gained a significant unfair advantage over competitors who did the leg by allowed routes.  I'll be contacting people whose split times for the relevant leg look unusually quick and asking them to own up if they did, in fact, go through the out-of-bounds area.

Caroline Mackenzie