CLOK logo Cleveland Orienteering Klub
invites you to a Sprint event at
Stockton Riverside
on Saturday 4th June 2022
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This event is one of the three urban events that make up the Northern Jubil-O Weekend.

Parking will be in the car park in front of the Queens Campus Sports Centre.  The grid reference is NZ 445187, the postcode is TS17 6BH and the what3words reference is ///busy.fakes.butterfly.

Click on the link to see a map.  You can zoom in (and, optionally, switch to Satellite mode) to see the details of the final approach to the event.  You can also get directions if you specify your starting location.

The easiest approach is from the Teesside Park junction on the A66 (one junction west of the A19 intersection).  Proceed north from that junction, cross over the railways and take first exit at the roundabout.  Follow this road and take the second exit at the next roundabout, which leads you right into the parking area.

Please note that after the final roundabout there are some severe road humps, so drive slowly!

Please note that there will be very limited orienteering signs to this event.


This landscaped business park offers good sprint orienteering on mostly made-up pavement and road surfaces requiring fast decision-making.

The business park has no through traffic and there will be very few vehicles in the competition area during the event.

Course  Length  Men's classesWomen's classes
1   2.7 kmM16, M18, M20, M21, M35, M40   
22.3 kmM45, M50W16, W18, W20, W21, W35
32.0 kmM14, M55, M60W40, W45, W50
41.7 kmM12, M65, M70W14, W55, W60, W65
51.4 kmM75, M80, M85W12, W70, W75, W80, W85
61.2 kmM10W10

There is very little climb on any of the courses.

The course lengths are provisional and subject to final controlling.

Contrary to what was said in an earlier version of this flyer, children under the age of 12 do not need to be shadowed by an adult.  However, please note that all the courses go close to the deep water of the River Tees and parents should make their children aware of this.  All competitors should take care when running close to the river.


The map scale(s) and map size(s) have still to be finalised.  Please check this flyer again nearer the event.   The maps will be printed on waterproof paper.

The many lighting columns in the area have not been mapped.

Control descriptions will be printed on the map and loose copies will be available at the Start.

Please use the provided hand sanitiser before taking your control descriptions and map.

Punching system:

SPORTident electronic punching will be used.

The control boxes will be activated to enable SIAC cards to operate in touch-free mode ..... but please note that you will need to punch the old-fashioned way at the Start and Finish.

SI-cards will not be available for hire on the day.  However, SI-card hire can be prearranged.  You can reserve a hired SI-card via SI Entries when you put in your entries.  There will be a £1.00 hire charge.  Please collect your hired SI-card from Download before your run and return it as you download after your run.  Take care of your hired SI-card, as there will be a £20 charge if you lose it.

Registration: There will be no Registration at the event.  If you wish to participate in this event you must pre-enter via the SI Entries online entry system.
Second run: You can run a second course for free, subject to map availability.  Register when you download after your first run.

There will be no entry on the day.  You must pre-enter via the SI Entries online entry system.

The entry fees are:
Juniors:   £2.50 

The entry deadline is midnight on Sunday 29‑May‑2022.


10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.       Courses close at 1:30 p.m.

The exact locations of the Start and Finish have still to be finalised.  Please check this flyer again nearer the event.


There will be no results displayed at the event.

Full results, split times, Splitsbrowser progressograms and RouteGadget will be available at as soon as possible after the event.


Toilets will be available in the Queens Campus Sports Centre.

No drinks will be provided.  Please bring your own refreshments.

First aid at Download.

Dogs: Well behaved dogs are welcome at this event but must not be taken out on the courses.
Organiser:  Joan Selby   01642-782475
Planner:  Ann Cranke
Controller:  Mike Edwards
First Aiders:  Caroline Mackenzie

Although the Covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed and we hope that the Omicron wave will have subsided by June, the pandemic is not yet over.  Please continue to take precautions to protect yourself and other people ..... including the volunteers who make orienteering events possible.

Orienteering is an outdoor, naturally socially-distanced sport.  However, although you should be relatively safe when you are out on your run, there is a risk of Covid-19 transmission during the pre- and post-run activities.

Given that:-

  • Please do not attend this event if you have Covid-19 symptoms.  In accordance with Government guidance, if you have Covid-19 symptoms you should stay at home and avoid contact with other people.
  • Please maintain effective social distancing, including from the volunteers on the organising team; e.g. at Download.
  • Before and after your run, avoid unnecessary close contact with people outside your household.
  • Maintain good hand hygiene.

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the Organiser, but please remember that competitors take part at their own risk.  Orienteering is an adventure sport – your safety while orienteering is your own responsibility.

Please make sure that you download even if you do not complete your course.

CLOK recommends that you carry a whistle whilst participating in this (and every) orienteering event.

If you have a relevant medical condition, please add this to your competitor details in SI Entries.  Any information provided will be treated in strict confidence and will only be used if you need medical treatment and are unable to communicate at the time.

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