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Organiser's Comments

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Organiser's comments

Thank you to the hardy souls who braved the last of the snow and ice and came to run at Stillington today.  Everyone went out for a run and came back in one piece.

The coaching course seemed to go well, with the participants returning looking like icicles.  Some went out and ran to warm up ......and the rest just ate cake !

The Couch / Track to Green participants learned about the value of orienteering shoes and then ran both the Lamp-0 and POC ....... followed by coffee and more CAKE!

Everyone appeared to have enjoyed the morning.

Due to minor mapping issues (some of the dots not being quite in the right place) we did allow a bit of leeway for lamp post numbers.  The description of "Dog Bin" was top of the leaderboard, but we knew where they were!  Well done to everyone and we hope you all enjoyed Stillington's Coffee-and-Cake-O!

It has been a big learning experience for me and Martin, and we welcomed the comments on the map and suggestions for improvements from today's runners – both Lamp-O and VOC.

Several CLOK members provided us with help and support to set things up this morning.  Thanks to all those people.

The Stillington ScoreVOC is available on MapRun and there is now a leader board.  (Follow the link and then filter by Stillington.)  Come and have a go!

Lisa & Martin Weatherill
Planners / Organisers