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2023 Autumn Short Race Series

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Four short orienteering races on Saturday mornings.  Ideal for newcomers.  Challenging for the more experienced.

Back for our seventeenth year.   Find out who can add their names to the list of previous winners.

Dates and Venues

4-Nov-2023     Staithes
25-Nov-2023 Raven Gill Scout Camp, Commondale
9-Dec-2023 Teesside University, Middlesbrough  
16-Dec-2023 Locke Park, Redcar

The Autumn Short Series League

At each event there are three courses – Junior, Open and Youth/Veteran. Your best 3 results from the 4 races will count towards theoverall league.  Small prizes will be awarded after the fourth event for the winners in the following eight classes:

>>   Men / Women Junior (age 14-) Run the Junior course
>> Men / Women Youth (age 18-) Run the Youth/Vet course
>> Men / Women Open Run the Open course
>> Men / Women Veteran (age 55+)       Run the Youth/Vet course

Scoring system

We use the scoring system regularly used at multi-day events (for example the Lakes and Welsh 5 day events).

The basis is to scale times for each event so that anyone whose run time is equal to a 'par' time scores 1000 points.  Faster runners score more points.  As an illustration, click here to see the calculation of the score for one of the short races in 2010.

Points are calculated using the following formula:

Your Points = 1000 + 500 * (ParT – your time) / ParT


    ParT = average time of the first ((N+1) div 2) competitors; (i.e. the top 50%}
  N = Number of competitors who started the event; i.e. including those who mispunched or didn't finish.

The 'par' time is calculated by course rather than class to minimize the anomalies where classes have a small number of entrants.  However, the results will still be displayed by class.

The method gives equal weight to all of the four events, even if they vary in difficulty and length or different competitors take part.  Each runner's three best results will be used to decide the final class results.

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