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Eston Moor

Organiser's Comments

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Organiser's comments

It was great to see so many people turning out to run on Eston Moor, although the significant number of people who put their entries in after we'd had to order the maps did mean that we hit some limits on our event organisation.

I hope you enjoyed tackling Dave Riches' courses.  The trees on the moor have definitely thickened up a bit as the years have passed and that, together with the heather and gorse, made for quite a physical challenge.  I was certainly glad to get back to my car for a bit of a rest after my run.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made the event possible, and for your resilience in dealing with a number of issues that definitely aren't featured in our Organiser's Handbook!  It was great to see the excellent team spirit and positive approach to problem-solving.  If you're interested, the 'unusual' problems included:-

At least the weather was kind to us, and we had good mobile phone coverage!

Anyway, thanks to:-

Caroline Mackenzie