CompassSport Cup Heat at
Gilling East

Sunday 18-Feb-2024


CLOK competed in the CompassSport Trophy Heat at Gilling East, near Helmsley, on Sunday 18‑Feb‑2024.

Thanks to everyone who ran for the club in the 2024 CompassSport Trophy Heat and to those who entered but could not run on the day for good reasons – it's good that you kept your strength for the Final!

We put in a great performance to qualify for the Final on Sunday 20th October.  That event is being organised by Pendle forest in north Lancashire, but the exact venue is not known yet.  I hope we can get a strong, large team there to take on the best smaller clubs in Britain.

As with all clubs, we have a group of people we expect to get high points and they always come up with the goods – probably why they are former British champions, have run for England, etc.  At the Gilling East event we had a great spread of runners in our top 13 point-scorers –some were from our "regular high scorers group, our few juniors all scored well, and some were the people I try to get to enter because I know they're in a small class and finishing the race will put them in with a chance of being in top 13 scores.  In that last category this year were Becky King (12th scorer) and William Rowan, who joined the club on Friday and, having previously done Orange and maybe Light Green courses, ran M18- and scored 98 points!  (His score didn't appear in our top 13 because we can only count 2 runners from course 8A and 8B combined and we already had scores of 100 and 98 on those courses.  Anyway, both Becky and William are great examples to show that many of us have a chance of scoring under the right circumstances on the day.

Finally, big thanks to Rachel Baker, who landed at Heathrow on Saturday from NZ, travelled up to the north-east on Sunday morning and scored a cool 100 points.

I hope you all be there for the CompassSport Trophy Final on Sunday 20th October.  Qualifiers already include WCH, SARUM, SROC, and there are still another 9 or so to qualify.

Thanks again.

Alan Cranke
CLOK CompassSport Team Captain

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Thanks to everyone who's running for the club in the 2024 CompassSport Trophy Heat.  We have 41 runners in the competition.

Please remember your course number as this year there will only be a course number on maps, control descriptions and start lanes.


Due to the recent wet weather, the parking arrangements have changed ...... and they may well change again before the event.

At present, competitors will need to park along the verges of two roads rather than in the Assembly field.  This will increase your walking distance to the Start by up to 1.3 km.  Bear in mind that this event is using allocated start times and your start time will not be changed if you are late.

The parking arrangements may change again between now and the event, so please keep checking the event information on the EBOR web site and adjust your travel plans accordingly.

A final decision on whether the event can go ahead will be made by 10 a.m. on Saturday 17-Feb-2024.  Please check the EBOR web site before travelling.  (If it doesn't say that the event has been cancelled then you can assume that the event is going ahead.)

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If you need any additional information, please contact CLOK's Team Captain, Alan Cranke.

The CompassSport Cup (and Trophy)

The CompassSport Cup (CSC) is an interclub competition with regional heats and a final, which this year is in Lancashire.  The competition is split into the Cup (clubs with over 120 members) and the Trophy (clubs with 120 or fewer members).

This year CLOK is in the Trophy competition and we will be competing against NATO, NN, CLARO, HALO, EPOC and EBOR in our regional heat.

The top club goes to the final.  We need to get as many runners to this race as possible, in order to give us the best chance of (a) getting high scorers and (b) pushing other clubs' runners down the results.


Each age group is allocated to a colour-coded course from Orange to Brown, as shown in this table.

CourseAge classes
BrownMen Open
Short Brown  M20- and M40+
BlueM50+ and Women Open
GreenM18-, M60+, W20- and W45+
Short GreenM70+, M80+, W18-, W60+ and W70+  
OrangeM14- and W14-

Some of the courses are divided into separate classes.  For example, there are separate Blue Men and Blue Women classes.

In each class, the winner gets 100 points, and the score for lower places drops by 1 or 2 points per place depending on whether the class is categorised as "large" or "small".

We may need some people 'run up' to balance our team and give us the best chance of progressing.  I'll always consult / persuade a competitor before entering them in a course other than their allocated one.

Please note that juniors cannot be shadowed if they're competing in the CSC competition.

There will also be White and Yellow courses available on an "entry on the day" basis the event for runners who are not taking part in the main event.

The club will pay all entry fees for the CompassSport Trophy runners.

The club will also pay the entry fees for CLOK juniors (or children of CLOK members) who run the White or Yellow courses.  Pay the entry fees on the day as usual.  If your child appears in the White or Yellow course results, Caroline Mackenzie will contact you after the event to get your bank details.

Further information

Remember that you can arrange lift sharing via CLOK's WhatsApp group.  If you'd like to join the group, contact Carolyn Rigby.

Click here to go to the CLOK home page.