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What to bring

Bring along:

  • A compass.
  • A whistle.
  • About 3 - 4 safety pins.
  • A map case or clear plastic bag.
  • A red pen.
The compass is to help you to navigate round the course.

The whistle is for safety.  If you're hurt - for example if you fall over and sprain an ankle - and you need to summon help then give six long blasts, wait a minute, and repeat.

The safety pins are for pinning things to yourself to stop them getting dropped and lost on the way round the course. More about that later.

The map case or clear plastic bag is to protect your map from getting wet or torn as you go round.  A friend of mine once went out without a map bag and by the time he was half way round the course his map had dissolved into an unreadable pulp.  He had to retire from the course, which didn't exactly delight him!  You won't need a map bag if the event is providing pre-marked maps, but it's a good idea to have a few suitable map bags with your orienteering kit for those events that use master maps.

The red pen is for copying your course on to your map.  Again, you don't need a pen at events using pre-marked maps.

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