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What to wear

Experienced orienteers usually wear special lightweight orienteering tops (often with their club name and logo on the back), lycra tights and fell-racing shoes.

If it's cold then people also wear polypropylene thermals or equivalent, and if it's raining or very windy then people wear lightweight cagoules -- for example, Pertex.  If it gets really cold then you'll also see a variety of gloves, warm hats, etc.  Orienteers are generally less macho than fell runners, who can often be seen running through driving rain in shorts and sleeveless vests!

When you're starting, just wear whatever you would normally wear for an hour's run, jog or walk in the forest or on the moors.  Bear in mind, though, that almost all orienteering events require competitors to wear full body and leg cover.

You'll get by with ordinary trainers, but if you're going to be running then trail shoes or fell shoes are better.  If you're just going to walk round then walking boots are fine.

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