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Mixed Terrain Regional Event
in Thornaby & Bassleton Woods

Sunday 15-May-2022

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A mixed urban and woodland Regional Event in Thornaby & Bassleton Woods.

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  • Results

    Unfortunately, it is clear that a small number of competitors ran through the out-of-bounds area on the way to #219 (9 - 10 on Brown, 10 - 11 on Blue, 10 - 11 on Green and 12 - 13 on Light Green).  The purpose of this out-of-bounds area was to enable the Planner to pose more interesting route choices.  It was marked on the course maps, clearly explained in the event information on the CLOK web site and highlighted in notices at the Start.  There was also an "Out of bounds to orienteers" sign on a lamp post in the relevant area.  We're not suggesting that anyone was deliberately cheating.  However, the people who ran through the out-of-bounds area gained a significant advantage over competitors who did the leg by allowed routes.

    Update:  Thank you to everyone who has responded to the Organiser's request to review their route and let us know whether they went through the out-of-bounds area.  We hope you weren't offended by being asked the qustion.  The problem is that, while the leg to #219 did a good job of rewarding the good navigators who picked the right route and executed it without hesitation, it was also possible to do a fast leg time by inadvertently going through the out-of-bounds area.  In the interests of the results giving a fair reflection of competitors' performances, we felt we should try to distinguish between those two categories.

  • Progressograms
    Progressograms are an excellent way of
    seeing where you lost time during your run
    and how you got on against particular

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