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Darlington NE
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Follow this link for an introduction to MapRun Navigation Challenges.


The Start is at the junction of Lyonette Road and Rockwell Avenue, south of Whinfield Road near its junction with Whinbush Way (and a short distance SW of the Shuttle & Loom pub).

Click on the link to see a map.  You can zoom in (and, optionally, switch to Satellite mode) to see the details of the final approach to the event.  You can also get directions if you put in your starting location.

You should be able to park in the Asda car park off Whinbush Way.


There are no public toilets near the Start.  Please make your own arrangements.  (There are customer toilets in Asda.)


In the MapRunF app, Select Event and look for Darlington NE VOC 1-xxxxx under UK / County Durham / Darlington, where xxxxx is Long, Medium or Short.

This challenge is a variant on a score event.  You can visit the controls in any order, and your result is the time that it takes you to visit them all.

The competition area includes residential estates with green spaces and parks sloping down to both banks of the River Skerne.  Please take care crossing roads.

Please note that the map is not a "proper" orienteering map, and there may be some unmapped buildings, paths, etc.

Paper maps

If you'd prefer to use a paper map rather than the one on your smartphone (which is going to be quite small and can be tricky to see in bright sunlight) you can use the links below to download a PDF copy of your course map and print it off at home.  If you don't have a suitable printer, Phill Batts is offering a map printing service.

>>   Long course
>> Medium course
>> Short course
>> Control descriptions


You can access the results via the MapRun Console.  Open the menu (three horizontal lines at the top left hand corner of the window), select Leader Board and then filter by Darlington.


Caroline Mackenzie


Phill Batts


Please ensure you use a buddy system so that someone knows when you should return.

Please be courteous to members of the public in the competition area.

Remember to comply with Government guidance on social distancing.  For one thing, permission to continue to organise these challenges depends on participants being clearly seen to be following the coronavirus rules.  Also, from your own point of view, it's not worth risking catching Covid-19 just to save a few seconds on a navigation challenge.

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