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 Follow this link for a list of the Virtual Orienteering Challenges in the CLOK area


There is now a new version of the MapRun app – MapRun6.  Testing by CLOK members has shown that this new version works fine and makes it easier to access the results and view your track.

Introduction to Virtual Orienteering Challenges

The MapRunF app allows you to go orienteering using a course map displayed on your smartphone.  There are no kites or other markers at the control sites, but your phone – using its GPS to track your location – notifies you when you are at a control.

You need to download the MapRunF app from the MapRunners web site.  Make sure you get the newer MapRunF app, not the older MapRun app.

If you have a compatible Garmin watch you can download the MapRunG app on to it.  Your watch will then let you know when you're at a control site and record your progress around the course, so you don't need to carry your smartphone.

The MapRunner web site includes a step by step guide on using the app, and there is also a good introduction to the app on the CLARO web site.

Hints and tips:

If you don't have a smartphone you can submit a track recorded by your GPS watch via the FNE MapRun Console.

Map printing service

If you'd prefer to use a paper map, and you don't have a suitable printer, Lorraine Batts is offering a map printing service.  Maps for any club's MapRun Navigation Challenges will be printed on A4 waterproof paper (Pretex) and posted to you in a C4 envelope.  The prices are:-

Payment by BACS transfer.

To order, contact Lorraine Batts.  Orders received by midday will be posted by 1st class mail that day.


Please ensure you use a buddy system so that someone knows when you should return.

If you are running after dark or in gloomy conditions, please wear high visibility / reflective clothing; e.g. a high-viz vest, reflective armbands or something similar.

Please be courteous to members of the public in the competition area.

Remember to comply with Government guidance on social distancing.  For one thing, permission to continue to organise these challenges depends on participants being clearly seen to be following the coronavirus rules.  Also, from your own point of view, it's not worth risking catching Covid-19 just to save a few seconds on a navigation challenge.


The following Virtual Orienteering Challenges are available:-

>>   Catterick Garrison Twelve courses.
>> Darlington North Urban "collect all the controls in any order" course.
>> Darlington North v2 Three urban "collect all the controls in any order" courses.
>> Darlington NE Three urban "collect all the controls in any order" courses.
>> Darlington Central Three urban courses.
>> South Park, Darlington     Four urban courses.
>> Darlington Central Three urban courses.
>> South Burdon Wood Four courses.
>> Sedgefield Four urban courses, one being a "collect all the controls in any order" course.
>> Stockton-on-Tees Three urban courses.
>> Newton Aycliffe Four urban courses, three being linear and one being a score course.
>> Barnard Castle Four urban courses, three being linear and one being a score course.

British Orienteering's Rules of Orienteering state that "Juniors aged under 16 are not permitted to compete on courses where there are possible routes that require competitors to cross roads with significant traffic".  This means that anyone under 16 can only run most of the urban courses if they are accompanied by an adult.  However, unaccompanied juniors can run the South Park Short and Beginners courses and the South Burdon Wood courses.

Comments / Reports

Here are reports by Malcolm Hewitson and David Murphy on the Catterick Garrison challenges.

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