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The main purpose of the CLOK's Club Development programme is to increase the club's membership by attracting people in their 20s and 30s – including those with young families   to join the club and get involved in its activities.

The view is that in order for people to become sufficiently interested in orienteering to "get hooked" and make it one of their main activities:-

(a)   They need to be presented with frequent fun opportunities to experience high-quality orienteering activities.
(b) They need to have frequent contacts in an orienteering context with people they can relate to.
(c) They need to have a sense of making progress in terms of improving aspects of their orienteering performance.  This can be either in terms of running fitness or (particularly) navigation.

In 2021, CLOK appointed Mary Fleming as its Club Development Officer.

Current activities

Mary Fleming is organising an 8-week Couch 2 Green course that aims to give newcomers to orienteering the skills and confidence to run Green courses.  It will also be of interest to people who currently run the less technical courses and want to improve their orienteering abilities.  Follow the link for details.

Each edition of CLOK's weekly email newsletter, Tchimes, includes a Development Programme Report.  If you don't already receive your own copy of Tchimes, please use this link to subscribe.  Copies of Club Development Reports are also available via these links:-

The Club Development programme includes a Weekly MapRun Challenge.  Each week, the CDO nominates a virtual orienteering challenge based on the MapRunF app.  The idea is that you run the virtual course sometime during the week and upload your result (and route) to the MapRun web site.  There are awards for the overall winner, the best junior, the "king of the mountains" and the "sprint specialist".  Also, once you've completed 25 of these MapRun challenges you'll receive a free entry to a CLOK local event.

You can use this link to go to the CLOK web site home page.