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Click on this link for a list of the permanent orienteering courses in the CLOK area.  The list is in PDF format.

You can also follow this link to see a map of all the permanent orienteering courses by region.
Note: Once you've selected the region and any other search crieteria, click on the Search button and then scroll down the page to see the map.

The markers, which are usually plastic plaques fixed to wooden posts, are left out all the time.  You can obtain a map from the sources in the table, often the visitor centre in the area, and then go and walk or run round the markers at your leisure.  It is entirely up to you to decide which posts to visit, although the map often gives some guidance on possible courses.  You can choose a route to suit your ability and go at your own pace without the formality of a competition.  You can use a permanent course any time the relevant area is open.

For further information about these permanent courses, contact Mike Hardy (phone: 01287-624521).

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